Why choose Seer Box

A higher level of security

Because of its predictive capabilities, Seer Box can detect attacks early and instruct WAFs or other network devices to block them.

A higher speed

Being deployed parallel to the IT infrastructure, Seer Box does not negatively impact performance.

Keep your reputation intact

As a result, companies’ reputation is preserved because cyberattacks are less likely.

How does Seer Box work?

Firewalls and intrusion detection systems do not inspect traffic at the application level, so they cannot adequately protect Web applications (or WebApps).

Similarly, traditional Web Application Firewalls based on preconfigured signatures offer only limited protection, as they can only detect standard vulnerabilities (for example, those present in standard Content Management System installations) but not those present in custom applications.

Web applications are continuously exposed to scans and attacks. Many highly automated tools and services are available that allow even inexperienced users to identify and exploit application bugs.

Thus, WebApps and the data they manage are often exposed to high risk, since the barriers to compromising them are low. Since they are not monitoring the right level in the protection chain, firewalls, IDS, and IPS are unable to detect attacks against WebApps.

How does Seer Box integrate?

• It positions itself outside the existing infrastructure

Trains firewalls and WAFs with ad hoc protection rules

Reads data from servers, traffic balancers, reverse proxies, and application delivery controllers

Alerts the SIEM to anomalies and suspicious activity

Detects and reports suspicious behavior and traffic automatically

If you already have security systems installed, request an analysis of your traffic.

It may surprise you to learn that your web services and applications are not adequately protected.

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