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It is better to prevent than to react

When it comes to improving the security level of your applications and services, WAFs are effective security solutions, but they too have limitations.

Zero-day attacks are not prevented by them

Web Application Firewalls do not evaluate the context in which applications and services operate, but rather focuses on statistics (known signatures). When an attack falls outside the stats, the ability to protect is drastically diminished.

They don’t learn in adversarial environments

Web Application Firewalls cannot learn under attacks, which means that they won’t recognize a fresh threat and won’t block it.

They do not create new protection rules

An application firewall reacts according to predetermined signature rules, but can’t generate new ones on its own.

Would you like to increase the security of your web applications as well?

Take a look at Seer Box

With Seer Box, WAFs are protected by advanced software based on Adversarial Machine Learning.
Seer Box distinguishing features:

Prevention of threats

Pluribus One’s proprietary analysis engine is capable of not only identifying attacks in progress, but also anomalous behaviors that can lead to subsequent threats, letting WAFs know in time.

Identification of polluted data

Even if web services and applications have been compromised in the past, incoming traffic analysis can detect threats.

Easy architecture and installation

Seer Box works side-by-side with your existing IT infrastructure without disrupting it.


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