Seer Box is the only solution that can continually update a catalog of web services and applications, collect information about them, and monitor their performance. This allows you to see the attack surface of web applications and services at all times.

On-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure management challenges

Modern infrastructures are highly flexible and increasingly distributed between on-premise and cloud environments, both public and private. This is reflected in the distribution of web services and applications, both internal and external, which can be located, provided, and used in two or more different locations.

Due to the lack of integration between on-premise and on-cloud solutions, it is difficult to create and maintain a catalog of services that is automatically and constantly updated. Ghost services and applications increase the attack surface available to attackers, which increases the risk.

Hybrid infrastructures are protected by Seer Box’s versatility.

In the presence of scenarios in which web applications and services are distributed between on-premise infrastructures and in the cloud, Seer Box provides a single point of monitoring for web applications and services, because of its architecture and ability to integrate with an extensive ecosystem of solutions and environments. Seer Box can monitor and analyze traffic from a variety of sources, including heterogeneous networks. As a result, the catalog of services and web applications can be updated constantly.

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