Business scenario

The customer is a private university. The web services managed by the university include services to: students (e.g. admittance, classes, exams), teaching and research staff, administrative personnel.
The infrastructure is distributed across three different sites: one on-premise and the other two hosted by two major cloud services providers.

Customer need

The customer interest is to ensure adequate protection for many custom and legacy applications, with a set of well-crafted protection rules; the customer needs to deeply inspect the web services’ traffic to enable coordination between the security, operation, and development teams.

Key benefits after use of Seer Box

1. Possibility to create easily custom protection rules, higly tailored on the  monitored services (high protection; low false positives).
2. Detailed information on the services, which enables cooperation between the security, operation, and development teams.


March 2017 – current

HW requirements of the installation

48 vCPU – 252GB RAM – 250GB HDD

Connected components

Data Source: Oplon® ADC
Oplon® WAF
SIEM based on the ELK stack

Services to monitor

Number of services: 100
Requests/day: 10Mln hit/day
Sought retention period: 15 days

Installation architecture

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