Business scenario

The (final) customer is a regional public company operating in the water sector.
Web services owned by the company are hosted in 3 different locations:
Accounting, staff, assets -> cloud maintaned by a system integrator;
Public website -> AWS;
Service orders, address book -> internal datacenter.

Customer need

The customer interest is to enable the SOC protecting the data managed through the services and achieving compliance with the AGID requirements.

Key benefits after use of Seer Box

1. Possibility to monitor services located in 3 different sites with a single installation.
2. Awareness of the amount of traffic toward the services
3. Possibility to engage the software providers regarding vulnerabilities. affecting the services and discovered by means of Seer Box.


January 2021 – current

HW requirements of the installation

8 vCPU – 8GB RAM – 300GB HDD

Connected components

Data Source: Apache HTTP Server
WAZUH Security Platform

Services to monitor

Number of services: 6
Requests/day: 2Mln hit/day
Sought retention period: 30 days

Installation architecture

  • Servizi Idrici 1
  • Servizi Idrici 2

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