In today’s world, just over one third of web application traffic comes from users. Over half of the remaining two-thirds is malicious traffic, which is generated by automated bots searching for vulnerabilities to exploit. Hence, it is essential to limit the ability of these bots to reach services in order to minimize the risk of services being compromised.

You should be concerned about who visits your services.

A recent study estimates that around 40% of internet traffic to applications and services is generated by malicious bots. More than half of the remaining 60% is generated by users. The remainder is generated by good bots, such as search engine crawlers that index the contents present on applications. As these boots are vital for the operation of the network and to guarantee visibility, malicious boots may be lethal.

Essentially, these are bots that constantly scan for vulnerabilities in applications, and if they exist, try to exploit them. With the ability to use bots to attack services at very low costs and in a heavily automated way, web services make ideal targets from which to launch cyberattacks.

Moreover, regardless of whether or not the malicious bots are capable of identifying and exploiting application vulnerabilities, these bots generate traffic that uselessly burdens the infrastructure, generating extra costs – particularly during times of stress on the infrastructure.

Keep malicious bots away with Seer Box.

By using Machine Learning, Seer Box detects malicious bots automatically. Its detection engine analyzes the behavior of clients and identifies malicious ones, blocking them and preventing the possibility of offensive actions being carried out against the services.

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